Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is expensive, but it adds an excellent look to any room. You’ve made a big investment and leaving the care in the hands of Rogers Carpet Cleaning is a smart choice. Let us protect your carpeting and keep it unaffected by the hundreds of millions of bacteria living there.

Rogers Carpet Cleaning offers the best and affordable cleaning solutions for your home and or commercial needs. Contact us now to discuss your cleaning requirements and we’ll help you in finding the best solution.

We use IICRC approved and proven cleaning methods to make your old carpets look new again. We are always keeping up on new cleaning techniques, products, and equipment to ensure you are getting the most up to date service in the industry.

Commercial floors can be a little different cleaning technique because of the amount of traffic on them, along with the compound of dirt, grime, and grease to name a few. Our approach to these areas is to make sure we are using the right product that will be the most affective in breaking down these materials, to achieve the best results we can. Our recommendation is to get commercial carpets cleaned every six months, improving the overall look of the area, along with helping to keep it sanitized.